That holiday feeling

It always takes me a good few days to wind down for a holiday; I’m not used to doing nothing or just reading books all day and so find it hard not to think I should be busier. But once I get into holiday mode I never want to leave…

Over the summer Tom and I spent two weeks away from home at places that didn’t have dishwashers. I found I quite enjoyed handwashing the dishes. It’s relaxing. It’s probably warming in winter. It’s quiet, solitary time to stare out the window and think.

On our return home I’ve decided to continue handwashing even though we have a dishwasher. This may not last through the year but for now I’m enjoying my nightly domestic ritual and I even have a favourite dishwashing liquid (the grapefruit option smells fantastic).


One Response to That holiday feeling

  1. There is a buddhist saying:

    ‘Before enlightenment: chopping wood, carrying water. After enlightenment: chopping wood, carrying water.’

    Sometimes household chores can be pleasant and meditative, right? x

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