Secrets of the Wairarapa pt.1

It’s a little known fact, but the distance from Featherston to Greytown is the exact length of November Rain.

4 Responses to Secrets of the Wairarapa pt.1

  1. styler says:

    i think you may need to report in on all driving distances in terms of musical duration, on a regular basis becuase this is o for awesome

  2. Watermannz says:

    This is indeed O for awesome. So let’s try for a Prince road trip – Purple Rain Featherston to Martinborough and Little Red Corvette to ??

    • tomandemma says:

      That would be so cool – I could probably find something for Greytown to Carterton easily (it’s a short drive) but Martinborough is a good 15 minutes so might need to be Pink Floyd.

      • Watermannz says:

        No Floyd – lets be more adventurous: INNAGADDADAVIDA.

        That should chew up the miles OK. Can upload to Dropbox if you don’t have it. See here –

        CD version is a better one.

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