Lunchtime yoga

Late last year I started doing lunchtime yoga once (ish) a week and really loved it. I began going because I saw a street sign on Lambton Quay advertising the classes and when I looked on their website it was cool. That’s right, that’s how the mind of a sophisticated consumer works.

This year I’ve decided to commit to once a week – I’ve made future bookings and cleared space in my calendar. I highly recommend it. I do ‘power yoga’, which is lots of dynamic stretching with not really any rest in between.

It’s challenging but never makes you feel useless and our teacher is wonderful. I do quite a lot of stalker breathing in the class (I hope nobody can hear) but find that over time I am getting slowly better.

And at the end of each class I feel equally stuffed and alive, which is the perfect mix for a very focused afternoon of office work.

Here’s the timetable if you want to join me – there’s also an online booking system.

Not my actual yoga studio


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