The great bookshelf organisation

Tom and I both love reading and have heaps of books. We get them for gifts, through work (me), from friends and like to buy them new and secondhand too.

During the last week of our holidays Tom announced he was going to ‘do the books’. He has screeds more patience than I do so pulled them all out, sorted them in contemporary fiction/science fiction and fantasy/non-fiction/poetry/New Zealand fiction, then alphabetised them and returned them to the bookshelves.

We’ve now got super tidy books, we’ve found books we forgot we had and also have a nice pile for the second-hand bookshop/op-shop. Here’s some photos…

David Mitchell books I didn't realise we owned

Candle by Tinker

One of the best reading spots in our house.

My non-religious shrine to the Virgin Mary


5 Responses to The great bookshelf organisation

  1. Did you find heaps of books you haven’t yet read and now want to because you’ve ‘seen’ them again?

    • tomandemma says:

      That shelf behind the reading corner is now like my personal Unity Books – full of great stuff I’d forgotten we had or never knew we had. It’s really great!

  2. Yay! I love that about sorting your own book shelf! ❤

  3. Tony says:


  4. […] the leftover books from the book clean out (that didn’t go to Arty Bees) to the […]

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