What we ate at Wendy Campbell’s French Cafe

Previously on Small Town Stories… Tom and I had our tenth wedding anniversary and went out for dinner.

Tom and I talked last night about when we got married: our combined income at the time was 29K and we had no money. In fact, if it wasn’t for an envelope containing $200 that Mum gave us before our honeymoon then we may not have been able to eat while we were on Stewart Island.

Eating a meal like the one we had last night was not only impossible ten years ago – it wasn’t even on the radar for us.

When we arrived at Wendy Campbell’s French Cafe in Martinborough we had possibly the nicest restaurant greeting ever – the owner didn’t ask if we had a reservation he just welcomed us very warmly in a way that seemed like he’d been expecting us and was so very pleased we were there.

We sat outside in the courtyard (they brought out chairs from the restaurant because they were more comfortable) to contemplate the handwritten menu.

Here’s what we ate (we don’t go out for dinner often so decided we needed to do all three courses)…

Wine: Schubert 2008 Syrah

Me:  Whitebait omelette. (I wanted to eat something different to what I’d normally have but wasn’t brave enough to do escargot)
Tom: Calamari with lemon, coriander and chilli (it came in a tiny skillet)

Me: Crispy duck leg on pye lentils with green beans
Tom: Mushroom and goat cheese risotto

Wine: Schubert 2010 Dolce

Me: Chocolate eclairs
Tom: Crepes suzette

The entire experience was fantastic; the service was warm and relaxed but efficient. The food was tasty and delicious and memorable and the wine was a great addition to the meal. I’d love to return for another special occasion.

Wendy Campbell

Wendy Campbell’s French cafe is definitely being added to my best meals list, which includes The Church Cafe, Stewart Island (not on the honeymoon), Matterhorn Wellington circa 2004 and Logan Brown for lunch.


2 Responses to What we ate at Wendy Campbell’s French Cafe

  1. Tony says:

    29k? That may have not seemed much however I think you are richer for it. Congratulations on the 10 years. We reach 29 years on the 15th of January and I am most certainly richer for it.

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