… a summer wedding

This summer, and onto April next year, Te Papa in Wellington is showing Unveiled: 200 years of wedding fashion.

I was lucky enough to see a preview of the exhibition where I watched the unpacking of Margaret Whigham, Duchess of Argyll’s wedding dress (from her first marriage). The dress is one of  an exhibition filled with everything from designers’ wive’s dresses to celebrities to civil unions to ordinary working class girls. From patterned to silver-collared to white meringues-style to shot purple the exhibition has it all.

While the dresses are beautiful – it’s the stories within the exhibition that I enjoyed most. The stories of how people met, (I love hearing how people met their spouse (my Grandma said she’d never go out with Jim Peebles (my Grandad) because all the other girls liked him; my Mum would only go out with my Dad because he was taller than her; when Tom first saw me he thought I looked grumpy and made a mental note to stay away from me) …), why they wore what they did and how they got married.

Here, by way of a taster, is the unwrapping of Margaret Whingham’s wedding dress. You’ll have to see the rest of the show, which hails from the Victoria & Albert Museum in London for yourself before 22 April 2012. Admission charges apply.

Unveiled: 200 years of wedding fashion at Te Papa in Wellington until April 2012.


3 Responses to … a summer wedding

  1. Brumby says:

    Golly! Words cannot express. What a privilege to see it up and close!

  2. Gemma says:

    Oh my, that is beautiful. I love the stories too. Might see if i can visit the exhibition during a work trip early next year if they do a late night. Wonderful colour. Do you think that was the orginal shade, or has it just aged? I had a slong line gold shade wedding jacket. Thinking of cutting it up for a quilt.

    • Emma says:

      Te Papa is open late every Thursday until 9pm and it’s a great time to visit because it’s quiet. I think that is the original too which it’s so much more beautiful than stark white.

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