A message to you…

Having most recently worked in a communications role I can tell you that any messaging that companies or government departments want directed to the people of New Zealand today generally requires extensive planning, development of target audiences and key messages.

With so many messages, advertisements and social media channels it can be difficult to get people to listen and understand what you’re trying to say.

Leafing through a bag of old post recently, which belonged to my Grandma, it seems that back in the day, if you wanted to direct a message to the public you had the Post Office stamp it on top of letters. Here’s three of my favourites:

"It pays to save" - generally sage, if rather vague advice

"Post early in the day" - from a time when it probably took all day to process a huge amount of mail. Not heeding the advice, this envelope is time stamped at 2.30pm.

"Houses - Farms sell to a serviceman" - the Post Office offers real estate advice post-war (1949)

One of my favourites from the pile was the unwittingly passive-aggressive note, “post early for Christmas”, which was date-stamped 24 December.

There are a lot of fantastic invites, letters and envelopes in Grandma’s bag so I’ll post on this again soon.

One Response to A message to you…

  1. Charlotte says:

    Oh I LOVE the subliminal messages!! Those stamps are so funny 🙂 A sweet way to deliver a public service announcement! Lol!

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