The art of the thank you

A couple of months ago I saw a tweet from Helen saying, “Help! Send tea and cake.” So I thought I would.

Her family is gluten free and I’d recently sampled a piece of caramel slice from The Goodness of Food in Carterton that was so good that it not only didn’t taste gluten free – it was probably the best piece of caramel slice I’ve ever had. I gave the cafe a call and they organised a mixture of slices to be couriered over to Helen. The hardest part was to keep the secret and try not to ask Helen if something had arrived in the post yet.

The slices went down a treat by all accounts but the best part for me was receiving a letter in the post with thank you cards from Helen and her kids. Call me old-fashioned but I’m a fan of a good thank you and these were fantastic.

Cake monster by Willoughby

Helen sent a card in the shape of a postcard

Magnus gets to the point - cake!

Everyone included their favourite cakes - handy information for next time.

More photos here


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