Date night

Tom and I are officially both on holiday now for a month so last night we celebrated our freedom with a date night in Wellington.

[You’ll have to come back in 2012 for Friday lists – yesterdays (which I didn’t post) just included packing Emma Makes orders so not very exciting reading for you].

Photo by Wellington Daily photo

We were planning on heading to a Mexican cafe down Left Bank but when they were closed we went for Catch Sushi Train (on Courtney Place) instead – a perennial favourite. It’s open ’till late and is the perfect choice if you’re a sushi fan who is peckish (like last night) or absolutely starved.

Photo via Kaffee Eis website

There are few better desserts in Wellington than a waffle cone (me) or cup (Tom) of Kaffee Eis gelato. We both went from Christmas Pudding flavour, which was incredible and came filled with drunken-tasting maraschino cherries.

Photo via AV Club

Our date night movie was Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Given it’s the end of the year we were both pretty tired and wanted something big, loud and non-cerebral. And we got it! We watched the film in Reading Cinema’s new mind-blowingly huge and loud Titian XC theater with the biggest screen I’ve ever seen.

Mission Impossible was fantastic; I went expecting crazy stunts, implausible plot-lines and terrible acting and was surprised to get epic stunts, amazing set pieces, a plot line that was simple and to the point and believable acting.

Well worth the price of admission so do go and see it on the big screen and see if you can stop yourself saying “I want to go to Dubai, ,”I want to go to Moscow”, “I want to go to Mumbai” like I did the whole time.

Here’s what the NZ Herald movie reviewer thought.


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