Nobody’s home

Helen caught the bus home to Palmerston North on Sunday afternoon, which meant that after a great local breakfast at Cornucopia cafe we had time to roam around the Wairarapa shops.

We’d finished up early and noticed an open day sign at a huge, old abandoned-looking Wairarapa home so decided to stop in. The house was incredible and if you had a couple of million to restore it to it’s former glory it would make for a very exciting project.

I took some photos because I loved the furnishings and nobody lives there now. It also reminded me in it’s charm-of-yester-year style of these three posts by Rhiannon: Pretty things one, two and three.












5 Responses to Nobody’s home

  1. […] home for an amazing gothic brick heritage house. Emma took some wonderful photographs which are HERE. The house was in total disrepair, but beautiful all the same. We loved making up ideas of what […]

  2. Sarah Laing says:

    I love it! Was it haunted? I’d feel nervous about the bricks, though, given the Wairarapa’s history

  3. I definitely thought is felt haunted, but Emma didn’t.

  4. Rhiannon says:

    I can’t believe I forgot to comment on this post?! The house looks magical – like something out of a book or movie.
    It breaks my heart that places like this are more likely to be pulled down than renovated and/or restored to their original state. We lived in a place in Nelson that was in a similar state of disrepair, and I often daydream of winning large sums of money and going back to ‘rescue’ it. Sigh, dreams are lovely.

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