Moon over Featherston

On Friday night, Helen, Natalie, Michele, all my craft and I piled into our car and headed for Greytown to set up for the Craft Country Fair.

Rounding the corner past the Tin Hut we became backed up in a slow line of cars and I could see the car behind me had a couple of young guys in it and was really itching to get past.

When they did, the passenger pulled down his pants, stuck his bum out the window and mooned the car in front of us. Classic country road behaviour.

There was something weird happening that night and I blame the full moon. The next morning both Helen and Tom reported strange dreams then my friend Emily arrived at the Fair and told me she’d dreamed that I had opened an ice-cream parlour.

With apologies to the lovely Moon over Martinborough for the title.

3 Responses to Moon over Featherston

  1. martinboroughartdepartment says:

    We got “mooned in martinborough” by some crazy old guy with a wrinkly bum. He got a little carried away by the pink light in the square on his way home from the Pukemanu. Classic. I heard this moon was a blood moon making folk a little crazier than usual!

  2. Well, fortunately I’ve never seen that kind of moon over Martinborough!

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