Friday list: 9 December 2011

The Craft Country Fair is tomorrow so there’s one last dash of things to be done before it; along with some visits from friends today…

  • Making a giant pot of coffee
  • Chelsea is coming to play at 7am (she sent me an email saying that she knows that I’m awake then and so is she so her and Ruby are coming over)
  • Making vegan cupcakes for morning tea
  • Making up Helen’s bed in the spare room
  • Going for a walk to the op-shop with Chelsea to look for treasure
  • FINALLY giving Chelsea two little notebooks she won on an Emma Makes Facebook competition
  • Picking up Helen from the train station
  • Making notebooks – I’m selling lots on Felt so am finding it hard to get head for tomorrow’s Fair stock (it’s a good problem to have)
  • Setting up the hall for the Fair
  • Making a great frittata for dinner using eggs from Jared and Rick that I swapped for some sewing

3 Responses to Friday list: 9 December 2011

  1. Julie Broadhead says:

    That sounds a busy but fun day. Have a great day at the Fair tomorrow. I think I would rather be poking around the stalls that the posh wedding I will be attending!

  2. We had a great time today, thanks Emma! Can’t ask for much more than cupcakes, coffee, opshopping and Emma Makes prizes! Well, we probably could have done without the cranky opshop lady! Otherwise, mint!

  3. I had a great time too, however, the frittata did not get made. 😉

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