The Craft Country sampler

This Saturday – back by popular demand – the Craft Country Fair will be held in the Greytown Town Hall from 10am-3pm.

I’m one of three organisers, which means delivering postcards, planning meetings (with pudding), promoting people online and making sure sellers are happy and the entire world knows that the best in indie craft and design will be happening this Saturday in Greytown.

The forecast is also great for Saturday – bright sun but only 15 degrees so entirely pleasant. To tempt you over the hill (Wellingtonians) and into Greytown (Wairarapa dwellers), here’s a sample of our sellers. If you click on the photos it will take you to a profile of what they sell.

You can see all the seller profiles here (not everyone has one so you need to come to the Fair for the whole shebang).

Fight me for Tea Pea’s gift bags – I’ll be lining up for striped and polka dot paper bags because I’ve used all the ones I bought at Craft 2.0.

It’s me! It’s Emma Makes – come and say hello. I’ll have EFTPOS on my stall too. (Hours after I wrote that I found out that no, no I won’t.)

Diane makes beautiful brooches and her stall is always incredibly beautiful.

I’ve never met woodland circus – but their stamps look super great and I’m excited to see their range. I love adding stamps to letters, gift tags, wrapping paper… almost anything.

Last year Helen came to the Fair to help me. This year she’s coming to sell – she makes THE most adorable softies in the world (we have about five at home).

Read more about the Fair on our website. And if you have a Craft Country promotional postcard then don’t forget to bring it along – you could enter to win a $100 voucher.

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  1. […] Emma did a great post about the fair HERE. […]

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