Launching The Comforter

This afternoon I put on my party dress and drove into Wellington for Helen’s book launch of The Comforter.

I’ve mentioned it before – with details about how to order – here.

The launch was held at Helen’s friend Emma’s bright yellow house on Holloway Road – a perfectly arts scene address for the occasion. The event felt like a wedding to me – lots of people wearing nice dresses, plenty of friends from near and far, speeches, pink punch with flowers in it and an atmosphere of the beginning of a journey for Helen and her book.

Helen dutifully signed copies, which were for sale. I spotted lots of people reading – the book is so lovely and you know it’s going to be great – that I imagine many people found it too hard not to dip in right then and there.

This is me and Helen – I have no idea what I’m looking at. Note we’re wearing our party uniform of dress + cardigan. (Everyday uniform is A-line skirt and cardigan).

I was the unofficial photographer and have just sent a bunch of photos through to Helen. They’re full of people I don’t know so didn’t want to post them on my blog – but Helen might on hers. And if you feel you’ve missed out on the action – it’s not too late to get a copy of the book. Here’s the ordering details (it’s $25).


15 Responses to Launching The Comforter

  1. Yay! Thanks for being my official photographer, for bringing fruit bread and rose petals and being wonderful. xxx

  2. melissa says:

    it looks like such a wonderful launch. i wish i could have been there. i love that photo of you and helen, in your colourful dresses!

    • tomandemma says:

      Just come to the next launch Melissa – Helen might be on a roll now. The book is fantastic isn’t it? I just have to try not to ask Helen questions about it all the time now.

  3. Julie Broadhead says:

    Great to see your photos. I was at the P.N. launch on Friday night, and it also went very well. Lots of people, me included, had their noses in the book. It was special to hear Helen reading some of the poems.

    • tomandemma says:

      Madz told me she’d talked to you there Julie and that you were ‘great company.’ I’m really enjoying Helen’s book – reading a ilttle bit at nights before bed and can see myself returning to it a lot. I’m also reading out of order – not sure if that’s allowed.

  4. Gemma says:

    Wonderful. And your dress looks great too.

  5. Helen R says:

    It’s great to see the photos, and was lovely to meet you!

  6. […] For a taster of the Wellington launch, Emma McCleary has written a post about it HERE. […]

  7. Rachael King says:

    Gorgeous outfits you both look great. And hey, that’s my standard uniform too.

  8. lynnette says:

    Oh how sweet of you to support your friend. 😀 And I think A-Line skirts and cardigans are classic.

  9. […] my last dress that I made to wear to a wedding. And here’s me wearing it. Like this:LikeBe the first to like […]

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