Save the date!

I’m going to ask you a favour. Actually, two favours…

Get out your diary and pencil in Saturday, 10 December as the day you’re going to come to Greytown for the second annual Craft Country Fair.

The Fair is on from 10am-3pm, features about 30 sellers and will feature the best-quality design and craft you’ll find in the Wairarapa. The Santa Parade is on the same day – AND the Fair is about twenty steps from The French Bakery (nom nom).

If you have a blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, a cellphone or even a mouth – tell someone else about the Fair. I’m helping organise it and so your work may stop me having anxiety dreams.

Here’s everything you need to help:
Information about the Fair
Our list of sellers
Profiles of our sellers
A  slideshow of our sellers
Our Facebook page

You are free to use any of our images or text as long as you don’t crop them or change the context of our meaning. 

REWARDS! If you help promote the Fair then let me know and I’ll post you an Emma Makes pencil of your choice.


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