The art of doing nothing

Tom and I have just returned from a long weekend to Tasman/Nelson. The travel was for my cousin Katherine’s wedding but worked out perfectly as a way for Tom to recover from his time in Korea too.

It was also a nice little mini-break before we returned for the hurly-burly leading up to Christmas.

Kina Peninsula

We stayed at Harry Place on Kina Peninsula – a remote beach destination that’s about 20 minutes drive from Richmond. The photo above was taken on a morning walk around the Peninsula when the tide was out.

View from the cottage verandah

The cottage we stayed in was like being at Grandma’s house – basic, mis-matched furniture, piles of old blankets and a wooden table and chairs in the kitchen. We’d highly recommend it – it was well equipped, far away from other people (but not so far you couldn’t easily walk or drive to find them), has a private beach and plenty of room for reading and napping.

It was also well-priced and with room for lots of family/friends would become super cheap if you travelled with a group.

Kitchen chair

Look closely - our little cottage is on the hillside

Highlights of the trip included rowing around in a dinghy – although the tide is out in the photo above, once it returned we rowed around that area. With our powers combined we even rowed in straight lines – not just circles.

Always take your stovetop espresso on holiday

Coffee and reading were key holiday themes. I read The Night Book by Charlotte Grimshaw, which was pretty unremarkable. I really was just reading to finish by the end of it. Now I’ve started All I Ever Wanted by Vicky Marshall, which is much more enjoyable.

Pebbly beach

We returned home as King and Queen of the ferry - there was hardly anyone on board so we had front row seats.


2 Responses to The art of doing nothing

  1. Leigh says:

    Sounds awesome. Was the cottage child friendly? I would love to take the kids away somewhere like that.

    • tomandemma says:

      I’m pretty sure it would be Leigh – the house is up a little hill so away from the water. As long as you kept the gate shut and an eye on the kids then it should be fine. There’s also bunks – making for the ideal kid holiday destination.

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