Tapped out

I realised last night that three nights is about my maximum capacity for entertaining myself while Tom’s away. Last night was night four.

Tonight (night five) I’ve made a list of amazing things to do (it’s actually ‘fold washing’, ‘unpack the dishwasher’ blah blah blah) and I’ll probably just mooch around the house doing that and feeling sorry for myself.

Still, Tom returns tomorrow. Hoorah! And then we’re having a mini-break to Nelson for my cousin’s wedding and I hope lots of naps, nice food and good reads.


2 Responses to Tapped out

  1. Gemma says:

    I hate it if my husband is away. When we are home together we are normally at opposite ends of the house doing completely different things, but the place feels empty when he isnt about.
    Have a lovely time at the wedding.

  2. lauralou1121 says:

    haha i had a list just like this for the weekend. it’s sunday night, and… lookin’ like i won’t be getting so much done after all. but it’s almost thanksgiving! so it’s ok. hope you had fun at the wedding!

    p.s. so excited you’re signed up for the blogger secret santa!! (:

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