My hipster elbows

Do you know what I mean by hipster glasses? Those over-sized frames that people wear because glasses are ‘cool’ not because they have problems seeing.

I hate them. In fact the more I see them the more I hate them and my rage is totally irrational. I can’t be angry that they serve no purpose because lots of stuff I make/wear is purely decoration. Am I mad that people without bad eyesight are taking the piss? Not really – I don’t mind wearing glasses and have never wished for better eyes…

… and I’m also a total hypocrite because after seeing this photo on Pinterest recently I wanted heart-shaped elbow patches too.

Do I have pointy elbows that facilitate the need for elbow patches? No. Have I ever in my life worn through a cardigan’s elbow? No.

But that didn’t stop me taking my old green cardy and sewing these hipster heart patches just for the love of it.


5 Responses to My hipster elbows

  1. …you’ll be taking your salads to work in a Mason Jar next….

  2. Becka says:

    I am all for elbow patches!

  3. lauralou1121 says:

    lovely idea!!! i wanna do this, too.

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