The war of the roses

I love roses – big, blousey roses – and especially the kind that grow all over verandahs. A couple of years ago, inspired by a house on the main street of Greytown, I planted roses around our verandah and this year they’re flowering in abundance.

When I’m op-shopping I find it really hard to go past anything with a rose on it. So when I found some vintage-looking rose fabric on Trade Me months ago I knew it was for me – and that I should save it and make it into a dress to wear to my cousin Katherine’s wedding.

The wedding is next weekend so I got onto it yesterday. Any normal person would figure out how to make a dress, create a pattern and use that over and over again. Not me – every single dress I make is a battle. Usually because I like the top to be really fitted and the skirt to be full without looking too frou frou. After a very long battle this weekend – and many pin scratches down my arms – I have prevailed.

I’ll have to iron the pleats down well and am not quite sure about the styling yet but feel I’ve made a pretty great dress for what should be the garden party of the year.

The bodice is super fitted - and the length of the dress is just below my knee.

This is the back of the shoulder - I added a fold-over detail.


If anyone has any styling tips let me know. The dress looks surprisingly good with my red skinny belt so it might be that and a fitted cardigan… but I have no idea what shoes to wear.


13 Responses to The war of the roses

  1. Nice job! It looks great! Can’t wait to see you rocking it sometime…

  2. atticusfinch says:

    emma, you clever girl!
    this looks like a beautiful boutique dress.
    i really like the way the smaller bouquets line up down the front.
    and the fabric is divine… well done!

  3. Gemma says:

    I love it. Ballet flats in electric blue would bring out the blue in the flowers. Ghastly #1 shoe warehouse have them. I know. I own a pair.

  4. ana b. says:

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous you clever girl. As to the shoes, I’d go with some grey or nude peeptoes/wedges. Or if you’re feeling matchy matchy, maybe some red shoes to match the belt? The Jackie O in me loves to match my shoes to my accesories 😉

    • tomandemma says:

      I’m not usually a fan of matchy-matchy but since the dress is so vintage maybe I will… and it’ll be flats for me because I can’t wear heels! Thanks heaps for your suggestions – I was hoping you’d write in.

  5. Tinker says:

    Great fabric – gorgeous dress! Yes, I think ballet flats and a cardi – perfect.

  6. I agree- ballet flats (electric blue is always a winner! Mine are from the Warehouse), a thin belt and a cardi. If you’re feeling fancy, a headband with a pretty flower on it would truly seal the deal : )

  7. suminhorto says:

    Beautiful! Just beautiful 🙂

  8. melissa says:

    nice job emma! i’ve been wanting to make a dress like that for ages. i really love roses too.
    yep- ballet flats, belt and hairband. all set! (let me know if you feel like having a drink when you’re in nel-town?)

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