I love you Sally Hansen nails

I’m one of those people who love the idea of pretty nails… but in real life I do a lot with my hands and am lucky to get through one day with nice nail polish.

Photo: Evie Kemp

When Tom and I got married I had a pretty french manicure – it was approx. two hours before I had to return to the salon for a touch up.

Recently on the interwebs I’ve seen lots of rave reviews for Sally Hansen nail effects – they’re stickers you put on your fingernails that look like nail polish. I bought some with the intention that I’d put them on and they’d probably just easily peel or scratch off.

I used the gold metallic ones (seen below) and put just one on my left-hand pointy finger on the morning of Craft 2.0 and… it’s still there! The nail sticker is in perfect condition nine days later – and is so in tact that there’s a good 2mm of nail growth underneath it.

Photo: Marvelous Kiddo via Cup of Jo

I bought my box of nails at Farmers Lambton Quay for around $20. You can also find some on Trade Me.

The box comes with everything you need and includes instructions with pictures. They were super easy to use and come in a range of great colour/pattern options too.

I’ll definitely be wearing them to my cousin Katherine’s wedding in a couple of weeks time.


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