Friday list: 4 November 2011

You’ll quickly see that although today’s list is technically a list of things to do, it’s hardly going to be difficult to achieve. Here it is:

  • Take the train to Wellington
  • A massage, facial and foot rub at East Day Spa: this was part of my birthday present from Tom and I’ve been saving it up
  • Lunch at Olive with a friend
  • A haircut at The Powder Room on Cuba Street
  • Mooching around Minerva – the textile bookshop
  • An early dinner with Tom
  • Seeing Sleeping Beauty by The Royal New Zealand Ballet – my birthday cooking class got cancelled so we’ve put the money towards this instead.
  • Party train home.

4 Responses to Friday list: 4 November 2011

  1. atticusfinch says:

    oh emma, you lucky lady!
    the ballet will be fabulous i’m sure.
    my niece is the costume maker. she got to go to paris with the troupe this year…
    also i was a tad disappointed that minerva was closed on the sunday i was in town. it looks like the ideal shop to pass the time of day. i drooled while looking at the books in the window.

    where to for for dinner?

    ps thanks for the heads up, a customer found me thru you, ( that teradactyl bag, yay! )

    • tomandemma says:

      Oh great! I only had your email from your comments here – I thought I’d seen that pterodactyl bag towards the end of the day and it’s always great to make sales after the fair too! I can’t wait to see the ballet costumes.

  2. ana b. says:

    Ooooo I saw Sleeping Beauty and it was like a Degas painting. So beautiful. I’m just on my way out now to check out Minerva actually 🙂

  3. Becka says:

    Sounds like such a fantastic day! I’ve only been to a couple of ballet’s (Coppelia and The Nutcracker) but I loved them both. I’ll have to keep an eye out for what’s showing up here. Hope it was great!

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