Craft 2.0 and the dogs of Hollywood

Craft 2.0 on Saturday was incredible – the new venue in Wellington was light and bright and held crowds of people but let them move easily.

People seemed happy and positive and all day I took NO stupid questions. There were no pokers, no ‘I could make that’-ers and no ‘what’s a notebook for’ people. I’d had a huge banner made so people could easily see I was Emma Makes so got to hear who’d been on my website, who read this blog and who knew all about my pencils – it was a much better way to start off a conversation than, ‘who are you?’

I also had three great shopper experiences – one was Jennifer who won my competition to spend $50 at my stall. She jumped and screamed and yelled when she saw her name and was so excited. Then I met Magda, winner of the KNOW Wellington $100 voucher to spend at Emma Makes who spent a lot of time saying ‘I can’t believe it, I never win’ before gleefully picking up some Christmas shopping. Then I met a woman who loves pencils so much she bought 42 of mine.

During the afternoon people started bringing their dogs – inside the venue! I counted seven. It’s not Hollywood people!

I didn’t really shop myself – there was too much wheeling and dealing to do at my stall – but did manage a couple of quick swaps. If you’re looking for cool Christmas wrapping ideas then I highly recommend Meg’s polka dot and stripe goody bags and bakers twine. They’re super cool and very reasonably priced.


7 Responses to Craft 2.0 and the dogs of Hollywood

  1. Jen is still buzzing about her win! I’m happy to report that every time I look at my new handbag I smile – because it’s an awesome bag AND because the way the fabric is cut, it looks like one of the horseriders on the material had their head cut off.

  2. sue says:

    42 pencils
    that is soooooo awesome

  3. atticusfinch says:

    hello emma, just wanted to say how much i enjoyed being next to you on saturday, i couldn’t have wished for more!
    well maybe more time to chat, but hey we couldn’t help being so busy could we!!?
    it really was a great event, such happy, in the craft groove people, i want to relocate to wellington!
    AND i got to hear the uncensored version of the 42 pencils woman!!! ah-ha, yep.
    love you!
    your friend,
    shelley (atticusfinch )

  4. Look – there’s Leanne! The space looked to pretty with the bunting.

  5. I love my swap! Are you in Wellington? If you are, I can keep an eye out for things for you, although judging by your studio photos, you’re an awesome collector too. Thanks for my yellow kitty. xxx

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