Friday list: 28 October 2011

I just want to sleep all day. Here’s what I’m doing instead:

  • Colouring in roman sandal notebook covers
  • Sewing small roman sandal notebooks
  • Packaging up an order for a new stockist in Auckland – a really cool one (details later)
  • Checking the air and water in the car
  • Putting air in the car’s tyres
  • Tidying the kitchen
  • Putting the cards I made last night into bags for sale
  • Stuffing flyers into my Craft 2.0 bags
  • Packing for Craft 2.0
  • Picking up Becka and Richard at the train station – they’re Bliss in a Teacup and have come all the way from Auckland to sell at Craft 2.0 tomorrow
  • Making some of Helen’s fruit slice for Craft 2.0 snacks
  • Making dinner
  • Finding something to wear to Craft 2.0 – I don’t have time to finish the spotty dress I started last week so I’ll have to dig through my wardrobe
Namaste bitches

5 Responses to Friday list: 28 October 2011

  1. Have a great moochy day and think of me working both my jobs today (library and Massey marking) from 9am-9pm. My day is going to pretty much suck so you need to have enough fun for the both of us. xx H

  2. Julie Broadhead says:

    After reading that list I have decided that I need a lie down. Hope you have crossed a few things off already. Love, Julie.

  3. Becka says:

    I love this photo so much, man I hope that is me at their age! Also, Helen (and Emma) that fruit slice is amazing!

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