Secret crafting business

Each Monday night my friends Michele, Natalie and I have craft night. We get together, make craft, plan our Craft Country Fair, talk smack and eat pudding.

Tom calls it pudding night and that’s pretty much the focus of it.

This Monday we had a sunny Labour Day holiday in Featherston so I made an orange self-saucing pudding from a recipe I’d found on the internet. It was easy, delicious and fragrant. I added a dash of orange essence to boost the citrus flavour but otherwise stayed true to the recipe. Here’s the recipe I used.

You can see some piles of paper in the photo – proof that I was making cards for this Saturday’s Craft 2.0 in Wellington. Don’t forget to enter my competition to win $50 to spend.

Orange self-saucing pudding


2 Responses to Secret crafting business

  1. too yummy…and too late to cook it now…mmmm i’m thinking breeakfast..

  2. […] Here’s the (much more pleasant) secret lives of crafters: part one. […]

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