Friday list: 20 October 2011

Last night I flicked onto Twitter and saw a potentially armed gunman was roaming the streets of Featherston. Just another day in Paradise.

Here’s what I’m doing today:

  • Picking up some Emma Makes work – I’ve had a local woman help me with cutting cats and dinosaurs out because it takes ages and while she’s cutting I can be doing other work. I’m probably going to spend quite a bit of the weekend sewing them up
  • Making a new dress to wear to Craft 2.0 next week. Mum bought me some great navy with coloured polka dots fabric and I’m going to sew it up today
  • Get a bra fitting – I go to a great place in Greytown
  • Put together Emma Makes orders – one is for Christmas!
  • Work on my Christmas print for the Solander gallery Christmas show

3 Responses to Friday list: 20 October 2011

  1. Today I am going to:

    -plant some stuff I bought in Taupo
    -take the kids to the park around the corner
    -work at the library from noon
    -read poems with Bill Manhire at 7pm

    Have a great day, Em.

    x h

    • Emma says:

      I sat in the same row as Bill M at the recent writers on Mondays. I could see him thinking ‘oh wow that girl is famous.’

      Your day sounds great!

  2. lol – you so are famous! You are a superstar in my life.

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