Make your own: button heart brooch

I really like making things and I really like good gift ideas so this weekend I’ve made something that I hope will hit the nail on the head for my Emma Makes customers.

For years I’ve been selling button heart brooches at fairs – and they’re always popular with a wide range of people. Now I’ve created some kits that people can use to make their own button heart brooch.

Each kit contains:

*Two pieces of heart-shaped felt (red)
*Buttons (red)
*Two types of thread to sew with
*A sewing needle – stuck into a cork for safety
*A brooch back, and
*Full instructions including tips and tricks to make your project fun and enjoyable.

So far I’ve made red on red kits but intend to create a whole rainbow of styles… watch this space.


2 Responses to Make your own: button heart brooch

  1. Leigh says:

    What a great idea!!

    • tomandemma says:

      Thanks Leigh – I’m hoping they’ll be attractive to small girls, people our age and old ladies. And it takes a decent amount of time to sew on all the buttons too so it’ll seem like good value for money.

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