Friday list: 14 October 2011

I’m a little late on posting my Friday list this morning. I’m in the midst of organising this year’s Craft Country Fair in Greytown so thought, “I’ll just sit down and update the website with who’s selling“… and an hour later I’m still here.

Here is today’s list:

  • Have a sleep in (got up at 7am – that’s a sleep in at our house)
  • Make some small notebooks for a new stockist in Auckland (details on that later)
  • Finish tarting up some heart-shaped blackboards I’ve been working on
  • Take blackboards, cards and new stuffed cat toys to the Craft Country shop
  • Sew a skirt for Mum
  • Cut out a dress for me from polka dot material
  • Put new flowers round the house and get rid of the old dead ones
  • Make the dinner. Could be roast chicken but since I just got that out of the freezer it’s more likely to be carrot and coriander soup.


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