Weekend projects

I spend the majority of my time on weekends making stuff. I think I might be addicted.

If the craft armageddon ever happens then we’re sorted because I’ve stock-piled lots for future craft fairs and online sales. Here’s some recent projects…

Yesterday while I worked the Craft Country shop I also stuffed more toy cats.

My new notebooks - I like them as a set but people definitely have a preference, which is usually based on age.

I wanted to make other toys and had a huge ric-rac collection. I drew a stegosaurus, created a pattern from it and used my ric-rac collection for the spikes along the top. Little kids love these dinosaurs.

A couple of months after cutting out all these fabrics, my summer bags are almost finished. Many of them are at the photographers... photos soon.


One Response to Weekend projects

  1. helen says:

    You’re a one-woman machine & you’re awesome. x H

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