Free flowers

About a week and a half ago Tom and I had lunch on the waterfront. There was some crazy radio competition happening involving a bridal relay where activity one was throwing beautiful florist-made bouquets on the ground.

It seemed a waste that such lovely flowers would be turfed so Tom asked if he could have a bunch for me. Here’s my free flowers, which are beside my bed and holding up very well…

My beautiful free flowers

If you love free flowers too then you might want to add Saipua to your feed reader. I found it via Tiny Happy – it’s a florist’s blog that is so good and always full of wild, wonderful floral arrangements.

Saipua arrangement


One Response to Free flowers

  1. helen says:

    I love that flower blog! Such beautiful photography. I’m glad you rescued some flowers, too…that makes you an urban forager! 😉

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