How to make the perfect roast chicken

I love chicken and tonight for dinner I’m making roast chicken. I thought I’d share how I do it since I rate my chicken cooking and recently discovered this delicious cooking method that I think is heaps better than the traditional way of doing it….

Preheat your oven to 180. We use fan bake.

In your roasting pan melt a bit of butter (or you can add olive oil), cubed potato and about four cut up lemons.

On top of that add lots of stalks of rosemary. We have lots in the garden so there's no reason for us to hold back and I love the taste.

Put in some olives. My preference is giant green olives but the supermarket were all out so I've gone for kalamata olives. Put in as many as you think you want then put in quite a few more ... trust me; warm, roasted olives are delicious! Add a good dose of salt and pepper.

Split the chicken down the back with a big knife and open it onto your roasting dish mix. If you're in any way squeamish or think the chicken looks like a baby then delegate this task. Free range chicken is best.

Rub crushed garlic all over the chicken. I use a spoon to get the garlic out of the container then the other hand to smear - you don't want to double dip chicken juice into your garlic sauce. If you like, put more cut up lemons on top. Wash your garlic hands in cold water - it'll stop them stinking.

Now put the lid on your roasting dish and cook for about a 1.5 hours. Check on the chicken (and potatoes) and once it’s mostly cooked (the juice will run clear when you stab a knife in the chicken and it will no longer be pink) take the lid off your roasting dish and put the grill on. Grilling at the end makes the skin nice and crispy.

Serving: I like to eat our chicken, potatoes and olives with a big pile of salad greens; an especially good mix is to make a green salad with basil, mint, salad greens, salt and pepper and a dash of olive oil and lemon juice.

Chicken safety – be really careful about where the chicken juice is. I keep the sink full of hot soapy water when I prepare this dish. I wash my hands often, get rid of the chicken package ASAP  and spray down surfaces the second I’m done.


6 Responses to How to make the perfect roast chicken

  1. Emily says:

    Sound incredible!

  2. Gemma says:

    I’m sold. Will give this a go next weekend. Is the pottle garlic not too potent? I think i may have had a bad exerience with it in the past. I might go easy with it just in case.

  3. helen says:

    I stuff lemons into the chicken – that works good, too. x H

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