People watching

Over the weekend I had course to get into some serious people watching. First I took up my post as shop girl at the Craft Country shop (Saturday) and then I spent Sunday at the Te Kairanga market in Martinborough.

I love people watching – as long as you don’t get caught staring – and as long as you zone back into reality just before people approach your stall. How about you? Here’s an earnest and quite creepy guide to how to do it.

It’s the perfect way to pass hours of pure boredom – or to stop yourself from getting into a frenzy as people angst for 20 minutes over buying a $2 pencil. I like to make up stories about the people I see or match them with the relationship problems they called in about on one of my favourite podcasts.

The best I saw this weekend was a couple of kids with epic mullets who caught my eye from the supermarket carpark, which is across the road from the Craft Country shop. What do you do when you’re people watching? I’ve got more fairs coming up and could do with tips.

Here’s a song to go along with people watching – the video features some classic dance moves.


One Response to People watching

  1. Lounging around watching the world unfold
    Now take a photograph
    And share with the world.

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