Give piece a chance

Wednesday September 21st is the United Nation’s International Day of Peace and a while back I got an email from Save the Children asking if I’d write a blog post about peace.

When I got the email I must have been thinking about sugar because the first thing I thought was not peace but piece.

‘Pieces’ is what my Grandma called little snacks. Even now Tom (who never met Grandma) and I say “have you been eating pieces?” if one can’t finish their dinner or claims to be too full to start it.

I think pieces and peace go together perfectly. Nobody can be angry over an afternoon tea of little cakes. So tonight strap on your pinny, whip up some little cakes, invite some friends over and before you know it you’ll be celebrating the International Day of Peace in style.

To help, here’s some baking suggestions:

Here’s some music for the occasion too:

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