Friday list: 16 September 2011

  • Fold washing mountain – a recurring theme but really; either Tom and I are really dirty or we like to be really clean. Either way, there’s always washing to be done, folded, put away.
  • Put together Helen’s birthday present – there’s bits from one part of the house to the other.
  • Make notebooks – I’m off to the Te Kairanga market on Sunday armed with notebooks and pencils and need to create a bigger stock pile.

6 Responses to Friday list: 16 September 2011

  1. helen says:

    Today’s list is uncharacteristically brief, Emma! *a present? Pour MOI???*

    • tomandemma says:

      Yes brief but notebook making took HOURS. And now I have the hands of a cripple. Present for you – yay! And sort of for NZ Post too since I didn’t send it earlier they charged me like a wounded bull. Should be there Monday – otherwise Tuesday.

  2. helen says:

    ‘Hands of a cripple’ – I love how you force yourself to work in sweatshop conditions, even though you are self-employed.

  3. Gemma says:

    Our washing pile is similar. Never ending. You have time to fold and put away? Our solution … buy more washing baskets as storage devices. I havent seen the inside of our drawers for months!

    • tomandemma says:

      I love it! I put ours in the washing baskets in a huge cupboard recently when Mum was staying but then she found it dammit. I have spent a few mornings edging around the room with clean undies in a pile that also looks over our neighbours house – it’s an art.

  4. Lynn Taylor says:

    I’m liking that photo of the book spines

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