Another year older

Yesterday was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had – it was  a perfect sunny day, Tom and I spent the day pottering around, we ate lots of good food and the night ended with drinking champagne and playing scrabble then toasting marshmallows on the embers of the fire.

My friends and family were incredibly generous and I had a huge pile of presents to open in bed, that I am very grateful for. Tom and I ate chocolate then scrambled eggs with feta in bed and I lolled about reading my book. Usually I don’t do chores on my birthday but if you eat in bed, you need to change your sheets!

Here’s some photos:

This rug came all the way from Cambodia - Mum carried it around on a pushbike then lugged it through Asia for me.

Personalised wrapping paper

Lots of friends gave me fabric so I can now make an entire new summer wardrobe. Helen, who gave me the green fabric at the bottom sent a box of polka dot packages wrapped in pink tulle. I should have taken a photo before opening them all...

This wall plaque is made by a woman in Devonport who only makes about three a year...

After lunch at The French Baker in Greytown I picked up these flowers from Moonflower. They're the best value (and nicest) florist ever. These only cost $10.

Tom made cinnamon pinwheels - they were INCREDIBLE.

Our house always needs more bunting (yours probably does too). This was made in Portobello by someone who also has a cool blog (click the photo to get to the blog).


One Response to Another year older

  1. ana b. says:

    I know I’m late but I just saw this post today. Happy Birthday, Emma! This looks like an awesome day, you lucky girl. But then you deserve it 🙂

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