Friday list: 19 August 2011

I’ve recently taken on a short writing contract, which I’ll do on Fridays and also sometimes in the weekend. However, that means that today there’s not really a list as such.

I’m going to town for a meeting, which isn’t until noon so until then I’m going to Boost New Media to do Jelly Friday.

Boost is pretty near Global Fabrics so I’ll pop in there and see if they’ve got a piece of material to fix our spare room curtain.

Take my laptop back to work, eat some lunch and the world is my oyster until 4.25pm when the train home leaves the station.

Here’s some ideas I’ve had about what to do in the afternoon. Leave yours too – I’ll check back at lunchtime or tweet them to me:

  • Hunker down in Parsons books and finish reading Anna Karenina
  • See a movie
  • Get a cheap pedicure from Diamond Nail Salon

2 Responses to Friday list: 19 August 2011

  1. helen says:

    If I was in Wellington today, I would have a really good cupcake and buy some cool cards & postcards at Swonderful and mooch around Minerva looking at yummy books.

    • tomandemma says:

      Oh these are great ideas – of course. Minerva is close to where I am now. Wildechick suggested I send a letter to someone so could combine your ‘buy cool cards and postcards’ with her suggestion …

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