Both types of music

A friend once said to me that growing up in Southland I must like both types of music: country and western.

At high school liking country music was the pits but when I was taught, aged 16, to line dance at a country fair in USA by real cowboys (they had the boots, the hats, the matching denim straight-leg jeans and jackets) I found I quite liked it.

Over the years I’ve grown to like country music more and more. I know friends that hate country (and some that tweet with horror when they’re listening to slide guitar and liking it) and some who will be ashamed to read this blog post.

But give it a go… listen to these songs that I’ve put together as my very short introduction to country.


2 Responses to Both types of music

  1. Tony says:

    Quite a varied taste in music. I wonder if Johnny Cash ever played with the Velvet Underground? That would be a Perfect Day.

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