A picnic by the lake

Quite close to our house, about eight kilometres away, is Lake Wairarapa – a huge, brown lake that has a shoreline that often floods over farmland and that is almost always a big, brown dirty-looking monster. I know some people go boating on the lake but it’s not really somewhere I’d like to swim, or eat fish from.

The lake is real man alone country – windswept and isolated and (as it turns out from my first visit today) a great place for a winter walk.

This morning, before the temperature plummeted to five degrees and it hailed, Tom and I headed to the lake a walk and a picnic lunch.

I wore my redband gumboots - perfect for splashing through the edge of the lake. No fancy designer gumboots here.

Lake Wairarapa - looking a lot clearer and bluer that it really is

A camping area - definitely a great place to be in summer if you'd like a little Wairarapa holiday

Wind-swept winter trees

Tom and I headed out for a walk in the wind before our picnic lunch

The shore was littered with driftwood and tiny sticks

More driftwood on the shore


2 Responses to A picnic by the lake

  1. ana b. says:

    Very nice, Emma! I like Lake Wairarapa but I agree it’s a kind of solitary, quiet place. I remember driving past and there was some land for sale to build apartments or houses or something? Hope you had a nice weekend.

    • tomandemma says:

      There’s often land for sale in the craziest places – for example in Maymorn… I mean Maymorn Waters … there’s a good five sections that we pass on the train each morning that are surrounded by water on three sides. In winter they often get bogged down with water but yet someone’s still willing to market them as the ideal rural lifestyle.

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