Friday list: 22 July 2011

Quite a short and not overly wonderful list today but here goes:

  • Visit to the dentist for three fillings. Sigh – I honestly have really good teeth but not flossing has been my undoing. After the dentist gave me a ten minute lecture about flossing I now floss every day and you should too.
  • If there’s time after that I’m going to the sale at Kirkcaldie and Stains to look at their socks because few things make you feel as good as the feeling of a new pair of socks
  • Then off to Diamond Nail Salon in Lambton Quay to get a cheap pedicure
  • I’ll catch the lunchtime train home
  • And get the fire on
  • Then probably watch Oprah on the couch while I feel sorry for myself
  • Then probably have a nap
  • Before making the dinner (soup).
The whole time I’ll have my mouth closed because Mum used to be a dental nurse and told us after the dentist to keep our mouth closed so we didn’t get an infection.

Of course, that also could have been a trick to get one of us to shut up for a bit…


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