Friday list: 8 July 2011

I’m a bit behind today. I got up at 5am then a huge hailstorm went through and I thought, “I’ll just warm up in bed a bit.” Fail.

The next thing the 7am news was on (Tom’s train leaves at 7.30am) and we were still sleeping. Since then I’ve done my Wii Fit workout and my tax return (don’t judge me that it’s a day late) and have written my future self an email telling me what my username and password is for the IRD’s online services.

Here’s what I’m doing today on a grey, wet Wairarapa Friday:

  • Going op-shopping – it’s almost time to start making more craft for Spring and Summer fairs so I thought I’d do a lap of the shops and see what was in
  • Dropping off blanket patches to Leanne who uses them to make great pin cushions
  • Going to the library to get a book on sailing ships
  • Going to Mitre 10 to get some caulking stuff and perspex to try and make stamps using a method sent to me by Lynn
  • Putting the fire on in an attempt to heat the lounge to around a million degrees
  • Reading Anna Karenina
  • Making dinner – we’re having chicken tortillas with guacamole

One Response to Friday list: 8 July 2011

  1. helen says:

    Sounds like a great day, especially the opshopping bit. I have two sick boys again, so will probably medicate my boredom with excessive twittering and Kate Bush videos on youtube.

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