Things I bought at Craft 2.0 yesterday

Fox purse by atticusfinch from Nelson

Postcards and cards from Dear Colleen

Deer head brooch from Chloe Jansen - my neighbour at Craft 2.0

Spools of baker's twine from Meg at Tea Pea

Tiny bird with a crown brooch by Imogen Wilson

Print by Dusty & Lulu

free as a bird art print

Free as a bird print from Lovely Sweet William

Postcards by Dusty & Lulu

If you want loot like this then click on each image to go to the makers website.


5 Responses to Things I bought at Craft 2.0 yesterday

  1. Rhiannon says:

    I looove the Atticus finch purses. One day I shall have one. I like the rest of your purchases too, very cool!

  2. Georgie says:

    Hi Emma – I too have an atticus finch purse. I have a pink cat face with a brown button & green button eye . I just think they’re soo adoreable!!
    and i love her name Atticus Finch….i would love to think of somethign so clever…it just hasnt hit me yet 😉

  3. atticusfinch says:

    hi emma, : )

    i have been out of the loop for so long..

    it was so nice to meet you at the craft2.0 july show!
    i am in awe of your creative works !
    your beautiful heart pin with buttons ( that i bought on the day ) sits in pride of place on my dressing table.
    bright orange felt with an embellishment of clear seethru vintage buttons, and one with a yellow centre.
    it is so lovely i am contemplating designing a special outfit to wear it with! bliss…

    thank you so much for your support,
    love you!!
    shelley x

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