Getting up early

The Wairarapa is a place where people get up early. As well as the farmers, a huge number of our population also commute to work and the last train in leaves at 7.30am.

It’s a lifestyle where none of your Wairarapa friends would invite you out past 9.30pm on a week night and tradespeople call at your house anywhere from 6.30am knowing that they won’t wake you up.

For the last week Tom and I have got up at 5am every day. When I do my Wii Fit before work I need to get up at 5am. However, I found that getting up early three days, at 6am other days and then late on weekends was making me exhausted – so I’ve decided I need the routine of getting up at the same time every day.

You can get a lot done in the mornings: cleaning out the fire, bringing in more wood, washing the kitchen floor, doing the dishes and folding the washing can all get done before work. It’s quiet – the early birds and the moreporks are asleep and Radio NZ is playing strange music combinations and discussing random topics. You get the best of the fresh, cold day and see the sunrise too.

I can’t report on whether getting up at the same time has improved my tiredness during the day but am sure it will after a couple more weeks.


One Response to Getting up early

  1. Gemma says:

    Flip me flops, that is a mighty effort. I live out in the country with my husband and bubs and my day doesn’t even start that early despite a commute into Auckland!

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