Friday list: 1 July 2011

There’s not really a list today because most of my time (10am – 3pm) will be spent being the shop girl at the Craft Country shop.

My friends Natalie and Michele who own the shop are madly making new stuff for tomorrow’s Craft 2.0 fair in Lower Hutt but I made so much for my recent trip to the Auckland fair that I’m done. I’m planning to spend my time (when not run off my feet with sales) poking around the shop looking at the new stuff, and pinning up the triangles I’ve cut out for my quilt.

After a big week at work dealing with emotional book-banners I’m keen for  a quiet day.


2 Responses to Friday list: 1 July 2011

  1. helen says:

    Not a happy work week for Emma 😦 hope the weekend is much nicer! xxx Got my lovely thing from bliss in a teacup. Thanks heaps! I love it! x H

    • tomandemma says:

      Great! I can confirm that nobody come in and told me they would boycott the Craft Country shop because we stocked or didn’t stock a particular craft…

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