A birthday dress

Two – if not three – birthdays ago Tom bought me some black and silver fabric and some black lining.

I knew it wasn’t the kind of cheap material I usually buy and that, with the lining (I don’t usually line ANYTHING), intimidated me. I forgot that I was a competent sewer and so the fabric sat in my fabric pile for ages with Tom occasionally enquiring about how it was going.

I finally began the dress months ago and even sewed the lining so it fitted into the dress. But then I got distracted again (I blame craft) and it once again took up residence in the half-done pile…

This week I finished it.

The dress fits well, is just below the knee and makes a swishy sound so you know it's fancy.

Here's a detail of the fabric. I hand-sewed ribbon around the neckline and arm holes to make the dress extra special. Now I just need somewhere to wear it...

3 Responses to A birthday dress

  1. martinboroughartdepartment says:

    I love it Emma. The empire line and the gathering is gorgeous.Very clever. And…yeah, there’s always your Craft 2.0 to wear it to.

  2. Lisa says:

    *swish swish*. very swish.

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