Be kind, be good, be useful

The thing about people as a group is that in real life they’re often boring*.

Think about your workmates as an example- they witter on about their boyfriend problems/what they’re having for dinner/how busy they are and the ratio of useful information to wittering is hugely skewed.

The thing about the internet is that the wittering can be focused down to the minutae of what you’re interested in. Very rarely in real life do I find myself surrounded by people talking about craft/ what they’ve made in the weekend/ cool things they’ve recently seen/ great book recommendations but on the internet they’re everywhere.

In my former job I often had to give presentations on social networking and marketing online. People would always say, ‘but the internet is so full of rubbish’ or ‘everyone on Twitter is talking rubbish.’ The irony of that is that most people are talking rubbish most of the time but on the Internet you can easily curate, garden and cultivate yourself a place of utopia – a small world where you really focus primarily on things you like and people that interest you.

And it’s far easier on the internet to immerse yourself into one particular very specialised subject. Like bread. Last night Tom was on the couch looking at the A Bread a Day blog on his iPad. It’s a site full of not only great and varied bread recipes and great photos but also baking tips from a person who has tried and perfected their craft. It’s the kind of information that would have previously been handed down to the lucky few from a bread-loving grandmother.

Tom spent ages on the site and told me that it’s where he got his weekend bread recipes from. I’m eternally grateful to the blogger that took the time to create this and share what they know; especially because I saw Tom bookmark a number of posts, which means more good bread in my future.

Finding sites like these encourage me to be more useful to others online. Here’s a few old posts from our blog that are all tried and tested and that I hope contribute something to you:

*Present company excluded if I know you in real life.


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