Make and bake

Tom and I have had one of those lovely weekends where you hang around the house being productive and keeping warm by the fire.

Tom made this delicious Italian bread with anchovies and paprika. It was soft and salty and perfect.

I started to make my rug of tapestries - I've been collecting the wool tapestries for it for four years... (this photo shows the back of the tapestries).

Tom also made this walnut and sage cobb, which has yet to be tasted

I also began cutting out triangles from small pieces of leftover fabric. I'm going to sew them all together into a big quilt.

As well as these things, Tom had a big curry cook up for the freezer (Indonesian chicken curry and Rogan Josh), I fixed Tom’s pajamas and sewed him a new pair, Tom had a bath, I fixed some clothes that needed repairs and watched I Midsomer Murders. Every time I watch it I think, “I’d really like to see a chart where someone works out how big the population of the village would actually be now with all these murders going on.”


2 Responses to Make and bake

  1. helen says:

    What a lovely & productive weekend! & the breads look amazing. 🙂

  2. […] spent ages on the site and told me that it’s where he got his weekend bread recipes from. I’m eternally grateful to the blogger that took the time to create this and share what they […]

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