Friday list: 17 June 2011

I’m having a little break from making craft projects for Emma Makes at the moment. I’ve worked like such a slave lately that I’m well stocked up so can do some other things now. Here’s what they are today:

  • Make lasagna for dinner – I’m using Tom’s Mum Julie’s recipe which had lots of mince and pasta and not so much cheese sauce. It’s perfect.
  • Make roasted red pepper soup for tomorrow nights dinner.
  • Fix Tom’s pajamas – poor Tom is down to one pair because I’ve been making craft instead of fixing the other ones that have broken elastic and other problems.
  • Make a template for the quilt I’m going to make from some of my craft scraps (see below). Our quilt is going to be as big as a king-size bed and potentially have triangle scraps on both sides.
  • Sort out fabric to cut up for my quilt.
  • Post a letter I wrote last night.
  • Read my book – I’m reading The Hare with Amber Eyes.
  • Have a nap.

One Response to Friday list: 17 June 2011

  1. […] My friends Natalie and Michele who own the shop are madly making new stuff for tomorrow’s Craft 2.0 fair in Lower Hutt but I made so much for my recent trip to the Auckland fair that I’m done. I’m planning to spend my time (when not run off my feet with sales) poking around the shop looking at the new stuff, and pinning up the triangles I’ve cut out for my quilt. […]

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