Car transporters vs famous people

Last night I returned from Auckland where I’d been with my friend Helen for the Auckland Art and Craft fair. The Internet says the distance from Auckland to Featherston is 666km and I believe it – it was evil. Here’s the trip stats before I get into the photos…

  • Number of car transporters seen = eight
  • Number of famous people seen = three (artist Judy Darragh on Ponsonby Road, Denise from WORLD in her shop and our friend Sarah who is a writer)
  • Best service/food combo at a cafe = The Establishment in Hamilton
  • Best coffee = Allelujiah Cafe, St Kevin’s Arcade, Auckland
  • Best dinner = Coco’s Cantina, Auckland
  • Best shopping stop = David’s Emporium, Hamilton and Third Eye, K-Road, Auckland and the Japanese $3 shop in Queen Street
  • Best purchase = gold and white knitted chain necklace from Kute Kiwi at the Auckland Art & Craft Fair

I began the drive to Auckland early on Thursday morning - this is the sun rising over Mount Bruce, about 45 mins drive from our house

Helen was still on the school run when I went to pick her up in Palmerston North... coffee and biscuits and then we were off

Ginko leaves in Tirau. Dying for a coffee and everywhere but one place was shut at 3.20pm

A great poster at Allelujah Cafe where Helen and I started our Auckland trip proper with fantastic coffee

More Allelujah Cafe

Part of my stall at the Auckland Art & Craft Fair

More shots of my stall

Rack of bags

Tourist shot of The Sky Tower from Queen Street

Auckland bar where we had drinks with my friend Carol who we were staying with

More photos on Flickr


2 Responses to Car transporters vs famous people

  1. Helen Lehndorf says:

    EPIC. That is all I have to say. x Helen

  2. […] Over time, probably as Emma Makes became busier, I’ve stopped knitting myself scarves and haven’t really missed it at all. But something (I’ve now forgotten what) inspired me to start again so I picked up my knitting needles and knitted up a big ball of natural wool that I’d bought on my road trip to the Auckland Art and Craft Fair. […]

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