Another Year

The last two times (and only two times for me) that Tom and I have been to The Lighthouse Cinema in Petone it’s been a miserable wet day – the perfect kind of weather for movie watching. Last time we saw The King’s Speech and this time we saw the new Mike Leigh film, Another Year.

Mike Leigh is particularly known for films that are portrayals of English society and that are often particularly bleak. If you know any of his films, you’re likely to know Secrets and Lies, which he did in 1995. For me, Mike Leigh films are memorable for Imelda Staunton (who I’ve just realised is an older version of my friend Heather) and Timothy Spall.

Mike Leigh films are really all about the characters – as best described here by Jim Broadbent when he talks about the process of developing his character for Another Year.

In Another Year there are lows (thank you Imelda Staunton’s character), highs, laughs and quite a lot of I-can-barely-look-it’s-so-miserable-please-make-it-stop.’ Essentially the film is about life, character and the aches, pains and joys that we all go through during a single year. Go if you enjoy movies about people. Don’t go if you enjoy movies about car chases.


One Response to Another Year

  1. Tony says:

    No car chases? Well that eliminates a good number of the whanau from going .

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