Learning to crochet, or not

Today I attended the first Craft Country winter workshop, which was learning to crochet with Leanne Taylor from Ramari Textiles.

Each workshop (read the full list of offerings here) is limited to 10 people and designed to be something fun to do in Featherston during the colder months. At $15, each workshop is super-cheap entertainment for three and a half hours – and you (hopefully) leave with a new skill too. Throw in freshly made baking for morning tea and you really won’t find better value I’m sure.

I’d previously tried to crochet when I worked at National Library – one of the secretaries taught me but I was hopeless; I hoped today would redeem me and that I’d leave with my own well-made flower brooch. Alas, no.

I was a hopeless student and the best I could muster was this little brooch below. It’s made from two pieces of crochet sewn together with all sins hidden under a button.

Although I was utterly hopeless, the workshop was a lot of fun and I’d highly recommend signing up for your own. Here’s the list.


3 Responses to Learning to crochet, or not

  1. helen says:

    I’m cack-handed at crochet too – my MIL has tried to teach me a couple of times with not much success. Have you bought one of Leanne’s lovely felt bags? x H

  2. Gemma says:

    Persist! Crochet is so much fun and when you get it you will be unstoppable. In saying that, i cant knit to save myself. I like the flower you made. I am sure the button doesnt hide too much trouble either 🙂

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