Guest blogger: Chelsea Hughes

When I worked at National Library I once had to meet with the cataloguing team about promoting the development of their music collection. YAWN. Surprisingly, the cataloguer I met was one Chelsea Hughes – an outgoing, funny Texan who, other than the dark-rimmed glasses – did not meet the stereotype of a librarian. We’ve been friends ever since. She’s now a stand-up comedian and I’d like to lay claim to the fact I knew her before she was famous! 

A confession
I used to be that person who would nod politely when someone rambled on about their gorgeous child while thinking “shut up shut up shut up”.  And now I’ve become one of “those” mothers.  Seven months ago today I spawned the most beautiful and bizarre child on the planet, and I’ve become one of those detestable mothers who can’t shut up about her awesome baby.

It must be pretty annoying to my friends, especially those without kids.The majority of my tweets and Facebook status updates are about her.  I have a blogdedicated to her.  I’ve even offered to write a guest post for this blog because it gave me yet another avenue to gush about my wonderful offspring.In my defense, Ruby is actually the cutest thing on the planet.  And I have lots and lots of photographic evidence.

Exhibit A: Afro-Ruby (hat courtesy of Emma)

Exhibit B: All gums

Exhibit C: Ruby gets in touch with her straw-eating Texan heritage

I just hope my friends see what I see and aren’t thinking “shut up shut up shut up”.  Though I suppose if they are, at least they’re polite enough to not say anything.

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